Deliverance From Sexual Sin

I need prayer for deliverance from sexual sin brought on by unclean thoughts that I’ve had since I was a child. I’ve been struggling and losing the fight for 15 years now. Some days I am able to stand against it. Some days I am not able to resist and I fall into temptation. I pray daily for God to help me in this area, but there’s no breakthrough. I often have felt distant from God and spiritually trapped because of the shame, the guilt, self condemnation, self unforgiveness and self hatred that comes along with committing sexual sin. Sexual sin has robbed me of God’s love, mercy, grace and blessings. I know Jesus died for all sins and that forgiveness is always available upon asking. However, I feel often like I trample upon God’s grace and forgiveness due to committing sexual sin over and over again even after asking for help and deliverance. I just want to grow in God and not fall along the wayside.

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